You Will Be Forever Missed, James Horner

I grew up listening to all of his wonderful music and I am deeply saddened to hear of his passing. As a little girl, watching The Land Before Time, and Balto, to my early teenage years watching Titanic, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and The Mask of Zorro, James Horner would give me the ability to close my eyes and make me escape into my own world where music and happiness was all that mattered. You didn’t have to really know James Horner to have his music touch your soul and make you feel or think of precious memories. Every time I had to study or just wanted to listen to relaxing music the first playlist that I would always go to was my movie soundtrack list that I made! James Horner made me feel so many emotions that I will never forget; when I felt alone, when I was missing someone, when I was happy, when I was just thinking, the list goes on. Even when I would daydream I was walking along a beautiful meadow overlooking the horizon.

Thank you James Horner for giving us unforgettable music and for giving us a glimpse of your heart and soul. Heaven gained a remarkable musician who will make heavens choir even more wondrous!

I love all of his music, but here are just a of few of my all time favorites by him ❤

Legends of the Fall- The Ludlows

The Mask of Zorro- Confession

Balto- Heritage of the Wolf

Titanic- The Dream

Braveheart- For the Love of A Princess


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s new album Red hit stores this week! It really let’s her fans look inside her love stories and what she has gone through, the good and the bad. I love the way she writes, her songs tell stories of every single emotion that she’s experienced. The best part is that many girls can relate to her. She writes about what all girls dream, and in love, sometimes comes heartbreak. Regardless what age a woman may be, every single woman has had a first crush, a first love, a first heartbreak, etc. Within just hours of its release Monday, “Red” shot to the top of the iTunes album chart and has sold an estimated 4.5  million song downloads in the United States. I know Taylor will continue to have huge success and I know that there is a perfect guy out there for her. Keep holding on Taylor, he will find you! I can’t wait to hear her songs once she finally finds him 🙂

Check out her new music video: Begin Again!


I am so excited because I finally got my first violin!! Here is a picture, it was made in Romania. I told myself that I would learn an instrument this year and I have always loved the violin so I thought I would give it a shot. I love watching and hearing symphony orchestras especially the violin solos! Last month, I went with my family to the Walt Disney Concert Hall and it was just spectacular! I start my first class next Saturday 🙂 I am thrilled and looking forward to it! Does anyone know how to play? I hope I am a quick learner 🙂