Destination Of The Week: Colmar, France


Described as “one of the most attractive towns in Alsace,” Colmar is situated in east-central France, in a border region that was once disputed between France and Germany. It serves as something of a gateway for those seeking to travel overland from France to the Rhine Valley. Colmar is 273 miles from Paris and 73 miles from Strasbourg, France. Colmar’s main draw is its well-preserved and colorful old town. This district is a good reminder of Colmar’s place in a border region, as its half-timbered architecture is noticeably more German than French. Two highlights of a walking tour of the old part of Colmar are the Maison des Tetes (“House of Heads”), so-named because it is decorated with faces; the ancient wooden Pfister House; and the pink St. Martin Church. The Unterlinden Museum is home to a fine collection of old armor, furniture and other items, but its main point of interest is the Isenheim Altarpiece, with its striking paintings of scenes such as the Crucifixion and the temptation of St. Antony. According to Fodor’s, the low rainfall and distinct seasons of Alsace make pretty much anytime a good time to go to Colmar. The city enjoys a snowy, Christmas-postcard atmosphere in winter and golden colors in autumn. The summers are warm and mild, and in spring the vineyards of the surrounding countryside come alive with grape blossoms.




10 thoughts on “Destination Of The Week: Colmar, France

  1. What a beautiful post Adri ! I really loved it. It looks so beautiful…. I love the pink building in the last photo. So many wonderful places to see but not enough money… But, we have your blog where we can escape and travel to many wonderful places ! Have a beautiful week-end Adri 🙂

  2. Oh Adri! I want to go there! I want to BE inside your photos! They are gorgeous! I love the river shots….so peaceful. And the cafe….what a perfect place to stop and “people watch”, while enjoying the scenery! The way you describe it, I think it sounds like the perfect place to LIVE! 😉 Thanks for a great post! I’ve missed you! I’ll try and keep up now…better than I was doing. ;(

    • Hi Judy!! It’s so nice to hear from you! You changed your blog template it looks really cute! I know same here I’ve been busy these past few months it’s hard to keep up with our blogs. I want to blog some more again! If you have a facebook you can always add me just type on the search bar and you will find me 🙂

      I hope you are doing well! I look forward in reading your posts!

      ~Adri 🙂

      • Hi Adri…
        Thanks so much! I still have my old blog jayjaysfavorites. So I’m juggling two blogs until I finish this class anyway. It will certainly keep me busy! I do have FB. I’m Judy Kreutter Johnson if you want to find me too… 😉

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