Miami was beyond incredible! Being there for a week made it harder to leave! Now I know why the city is so popular~ the people, the food, the environment, it is a party every day. The Atlantic Ocean was beautiful as always with its rich blue water. Ever since my trip to the Bahamas four years ago, I have never felt so in love with the ocean. I guess you could say I felt like a mermaid. I took so many pictures, but these were some of my favorite ones, I will post some more later on. So I decided that I would like to try to take a trip every year to visit the Caribbean Islands 🙂 The Virgin Islands is my next tropical destination!! What was great about this trip is that we were there the same time the Power Ball Jackpot was playing. I bought myself a ticket 😉










4 thoughts on “Miami!

  1. Sigh….Sigh……….Sigh…………… I miss the ocean, I want to go ! It’s been such a long time since my last trip to Miami.
    Your photos are beautiful Adri, the sunset is my favourite photo. Wow, what a pool ! How was the temperature, was it very hot ? It sounds like you had so much fun !

    • The pool was great! The water so nice and warm I swam with my sister for a while and it wasn’t crowded at all so it felt like we had the pool all to ourselves! The weather was perfect not hot or cold just right! You could wear sandals and a light sweater at night so it was pretty nice 🙂 when we went to the Everglades it was a bit chilly, which is a good thing because when its cold the alligators don’t move as much ^^

      I want to travel some more…:)

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