November 14!

Tomorrow’s my birthday (and my twin sisters too ;)! Twenty four wonderful magical enchanting and  unforgettable years living in this beautiful planet! I’ve always wanted to go to Miami and I am so happy that my dream is finally coming true!! I am taking my family to Miami Beach for a few days of awesome fun and holiday under the sun! I also feel so proud of myself because this is the first trip that I paid on my own to take my family on a vacation 😀 Keep a look out for my pictures! I also want to wish all of the November babies a very happy birthday!!!


16 thoughts on “November 14!

  1. Happy Birthday – Enjoy Paradise and Have FUN!!! I am a November Birthday baby too – mine will be a quite one because it falls Thanksgiving week – busy with family coming into town. Happy Tuesday:)

    • Hi Cravesadveture! Thank you so much!! 😀 I am about to go on an adventure myslef! Yay for November babies! It’s the best month 😉 Happy early Birthday to you too!! I love November, birthday & Thanksgiving..yup it can’t get any better than that! Plus Christmas next month hehe

  2. Happy Birthday Adri! And Happy Birthday to your twin sister too! Enjoy your trip! You are such a giving person. I remember when you were in CA and treated your Grandmother? right? to a luxurious lunch at a gorgeous spot. You will enjoy Miami and all the fun that comes with that rocking city on the ocean! Let’s hear all about it when you return!!!

    • Thank you Judy!!! ^^ Yes you remembered 🙂 time goes by so fast it felt like last month! I will definitely post up pictures! I can’t wait~ I am going to start packing this weekend 🙂 I’ll be sharing my adventures in Miami soon!

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