Meet A Puggle!

Wondering what this adorable little baby animal is?  It is actually an echidna puggle and he is really cute!  Puggles, also known as spiny anteaters, are egg-laying mammals that live in Australia and New Guinea. This 40-day-old baby, named Beau, lives at the Taronga Wildlife Hospital in Australia, and was discovered on a path in an RV park. Puggles are rarely seen at this age because moms stash their young in burrows. The puggle remains in the burrow for many months. The mom goes out to feed, and returns every few days to feed it milk.

Puggles, like platypuses, have patches that excrete milk for their young to lap up. Beau’s human surrogate puts milk in the palm of her hand, and Beau feeds like a mini vacuum cleaner.

Watch his cute video:


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