Endeavour & California Sky

I was so lucky to have had a great view of this historical event! I have never seen anything quite like it, a huge shuttle that was once used to fly in outer space, is now flying right above me! Strapped to the back of a 747 jumbo jet, the pair touched down around 1 p.m. after a nearly five-hour flyover. One of the crew members stuck an American flag out of the hatch of the jet.

The flyover took Endeavour over the state Capitol, Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood Sign and other icons en route to the landing at the Los Angeles International Airport, where the shuttle will be prepped for a slow-speed journey to its museum home next month.

At the Santa Monica Pier, spectators pointed their cameras skyward and some chanted, “USA! USA!” as Endeavour swooped along the coast.

“Even though it was a few seconds, it was a unique experience to witness history,” said Andrew Lerner, 23, of Santa Monica.

Thousands of spectators jammed rooftop buildings and streets in Sacramento, cheering as Endeavour made two loops around the state Capitol. A crowd of schoolchildren squealed in delight during the second flyover. Endeavour returned to its birthplace Thursday after an emotional cross-country ferry flight that made a special flyover of Tucson, Ariz., to honor its last commander, Mark Kelly, and his wife, former Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.



Meet Boo!

For those of you who have not had the pleasure to meet this precious dog, I would like to introduce him to you! His name is Boo he’s been making headlines and stories all over the internet. He has made appearances on Good Morning America and has touched the hearts of so many animal lovers. They sell stuffed animals of Boo, books, shirts, you name it! He has nearly two million fans and a book  deal. But Boo isn’t a reality TV star, actor or a pop singer, he’s a pet  dog. The five-year-old Pomeranian has the fame  most celebrities dream of after amassing 1.79million fans on social networking  site Facebook.

Check out his websites and fall in love with his cute face 🙂