Incredible Rainbow Forms In Waterfall At Yosemite National Park

This incredible shot of a rainbow that formed in the spray of a waterfall was captured by a young photographer who found himself in exactly the right place at the right time. Justin Lee, a photographer and student at the University of British Columbia, was hiking in California’s Yosemite National Park earlier this month when he spotted this explosion of color.

“The sun has to be in position to get the rainbow and this photo was not planned by me beforehand,” Lee told the Daily Mail. “I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to see such a sight, and just had to start taking pictures straight away.”

Lee, who is from British Columbia, Canada, said he spent about a half hour taking hundreds of photos of this ‘natural kaleidoscope.’ The photographer posted this one on his Facebook page.


Manhattanhenge 2012: A Full Sun Aligns With New York City Grid On July 11th

Wednesday evening was the last time that New Yorkers will see a full-sun Manhattanhenge this year, and the weather was perfect. Unlike the year’s first Manhattanhenge back in May, clear skies made for spectacularly clear views of one of the world’s greatest urban phenomena, when the sun aligns itself with Manhattan’s 201-year-old street grid. New York City’s photographers took to the streets, often blocking traffic to get the best shot. And if you missed last night’s show, don’t worry. There’s a half-sun Manhattanhenge Thursday evening, and there’s always next year!