Seoul, South Korea!

Here they are!! I hope you enjoy my pictures and get to live and experience a little bit of South Korea through my pictures 🙂 I took so many shots so I tried my best to narrow them down and show you my favorite ones!

I was in Korea for a week to visit four of my friends who live in Seoul as well as traveling with my family and friends to discover a new city. I was surprised to hear that another friend of mine who lives in China was also going to be in Seoul the same week! I met up with her as well it was a nice surprise!

I know they say to turn off all electronics on the plane while its preparing to land, but how could I when I was able get beautiful shots! I took a couple of quick ones- I promise I turned my phone of right away >.<

Our first adventure was taking a boat cruise to see the city at night! We passed by under a bridge that had a water show with lights! They told us to go inside or else we would get wet :p

This was by far one of my favorite breakfast spots. It was one block away from our hotel and they had all types of bread and pastries. I was sad to leave Korea because I was going to miss this bakery so much 😦 However, my friend told me that they also have one in Korea town where I live!! Yay know I know where I am going this weekend!

The food was incredible! They serve you little plates so you can taste everything. Sea food is very popular there so you mostly get sea food dishes. The round circle in the middle was for us to cook our chicken, pork and beef! It’s fun to cook with all of your friends and smell the food being cooked 🙂

This was our view from the hotel room! We got a nice view of Seoul Tower from a distance 🙂

One of my favorite things that we did was go up Seoul Tower to see the huge city at its best! We had to go on this cable car to reach the top, there was no other way. So if you are afraid of heights..just close your eyes 😉

At the top of the Tower, they have  a lot of locks that couples leave behind as a good luck for their relationships. It was very cute to see all of the locks and little messages that people left behind. Here is a picture of a stone where some people express their love for each other.

We also got a chance to visit some palaces! This palace was called Changdeokgung Palacae! My favorite palace that we visited had a huge garden called the secret garden that had so many beautiful scenery’s.

Daejojeon Palace!

There were a lot of little kids from school going on field trips to the palaces and I could not resist, I had to take a picture of them!! They were so cute 🙂

Their foods are always packed so cute! They even have happy faces on their chips!

Just in case you get confessed they have signs for you 😉

I always took pictures of the food we ate! This reminded me of a pizza back home! Turns out it was a seafood dish!

Hello Kitty Cafe!

I have never seen such a cleaner metro system than in Seoul! I loved it 🙂 Everyone in the metro is always on their phones, it kind of reminded me of Washington DC and New York.

This was Lotte Young Plaza Mall! It was spectacular, so many floors, so many beautiful clothes, it was heaven! It is located right near Myeongdong. This is one of the most popular shopping district in Seoul, South Korea. It features from mid to high priced of local and international brands for young people and tourists who are fancy for up-to-date fashion. You can find all kinds of things such as fashionable clothing, accessories, handbags, shoes, skincare products and various international food offered over 300,000 square meters of perimeter in Myeongdong. The prices are fixed in the retail outlets but you still can bargain at the stalls along the streets if you intend to buy a lot. Myeongdong opens the whole day but it becomes very crowded with people at night.

This was our last night in Seoul! I got a shot of us coming back from the metro to our hotel room. It was wonderful city filled with surprises and delicious food!

Goodbye Korea, until we meet again..


7 thoughts on “Seoul, South Korea!

  1. Hi,
    These photos are fantastic, what a remarkable place, and to meet up with a friend you were not expecting must have been the icing on the cake. 🙂

  2. Adri…
    Your photos of Seoul are wonderful! I loved traveling “with you”! The palaces are just charming, along with the beautiful gardens. There’s a palace that starts with a D, and your photo is of a pond in the garden. It’s just a stunning photograph!
    Our whole family does the same thing when we travel. We take photos of our food!
    You did an awesome job of sorting through photos to give us a well-rounded idea of Seoul. We saw such a variety of places and things. Thank you so much. I enjoyed the ride!

    • Hi Judy!! Thank you so much for your kind words! I always enjoy reading your messages! I love Winnie The Pooh he has a lot of sweet quotes I saved my favorites, it was in one of the movies that Disney a couple of years ago. Thanks for coming along the ride with me to Korea! Thank goodness for cameras I like showing people what I see and letting them look through my eyes ^^
      Have a splendid and fun weekend!
      Your friend,
      Adri 🙂

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