A Poem To My Future Baby

Dear sweet little angel

I have written this poem just for you

I think about you daily, and dream about you every night

We play and laugh in our own beautiful moment in time

And when I wake up, it is hard to not see you next to me

You stay in Heaven, while I come back to reality

But I know when the moment is right, our destiny and fate will meet as one

My precious little angel, how I long for that special day

My world will turn around and finally have a whole different meaning

Nothing will compare to the happiness I will find in you

I cannot wait to feel my arms around you so innocent and fair

A little piece of Heaven will be sent down to me

What a miracle and blessing I will be holding someday

I promise to cherish and love you with all of my heart

My own little me, it is hard to believe

That life will be so kind to me

What I wish to give you in times to come

Happiness, and wisdom, and a life filled with fun

As long as time will want to keeps us together

I will never leave your side

Something tells me I will never know that I could love so much

Until the day I feel your touch


13 thoughts on “A Poem To My Future Baby

  1. Oh My God ! This is so beautiful Adriana ! These words written from your heart are pure and full of love. There is a baby in the heavens waiting for his/her mommy to be ready and when you will be, this baby will have the most wonderful mother !

    • Aww 🙂 that was the nicest and sweetest message I have ever read 😀 thank you!!!! It made my day!! I can’t wait to have my baby! I know it’s a bit far from now because I am still too young, but it makes me so excited just thinking about it! I already started thinking of names! 😀

  2. Adri….
    this is so incredibly tender and sweet. I got tears in my eyes reading it. It’s perfectly lovely.
    What a beautiful mother you will be to your future baby. Your baby will be so blessed to be born into your home and raised by you. You have a very nurturing soul and a lot of love to share. xo

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