Rainbow of Colors

I decided to make my mom a basket of flowers as her gift for Mother’s Day! I went to my favorite flower nursery store and started picking out flowers and boy was it hard to choose, they all looked so beautiful. I knew I wanted a pink and purple theme so I tried to see which ones would match together. It took a little while to decide which ones I wanted, but I love decorating and doing crafty things so I could do this all day really 🙂 I took some picture of some of my favorite flowers that stood out to me, I wish I could of used them all!

I could not be any happier my basket came out just as how I envisioned it! I bought the basket and little butterflies at Michael’s, I always like to add a nice little decorations to my projects. I am so happy on how it turned out 🙂 I hope you all had a beautiful day with your Mom’s!


11 thoughts on “Rainbow of Colors

  1. Hi,
    No wonder it was hard to choose, so many beautiful flowers.
    But your basket looks gorgeous, a lovely variety of colours, very nicely arranged, I’m sure your Mum loved them.

  2. The basket of flowers for Mom’s Day is absolutely beautiful….a florist couldn’t do better. What good choices you made at Michael’s (they should advertise you)
    I can’t believe they are artificial.

  3. A beautiful, beautiful post ! I love flowers and these are amazing, your photos are superb ! And your basket…Oh….so lovely….You did a wonderful job, like a pro ! You should open your own flower shop and make nice arrangements, I’m sure you would be very successful !
    I’m catching up on your posts, more comments to come 🙂

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