The White Way To Dine

If you ever get the chance to visit Beverly Hills, I suggest you make a stop by Villa Blanca! Villa Blanca combines Mediterranean and Italian cuisine with Asian touches and influences. This beautiful eatery is close to major Beverly Hills boutiques and shops and is the perfect place to grab lunch on the patio. With grandiose mirrors hanging on the walls as well as exotic and elegant flower arrangements everywhere, Villa Blanca offers brunch, lunch, dinner and a fancy bar area for all your drinking and dining needs.

A took two of my friends here for a mini bridal party brunch and they absolutely loved it! The food was delicious, and the dining experience was splendid. Whether you are going on a date, with your family, or a group of friends, they will accomodate to your requests! I love how everything is white, even the flowers and decorations. The decor is absolutely exquisite and classy. Villa Blanca is lovely and cozy place to visit so next time you are in town be sure to check it out. It is two blocks away from Rodeo Drive so why not after a walk around the famous fashion street, relax and enjoy this delicious place!


16 thoughts on “The White Way To Dine

  1. HI,
    Wow, that is just beautiful the way that it is done. It is all so very elegant, and as you say the food was delicious what more could you wish for. 🙂

  2. The interiors look so nicely decorated. Must certainly admire them. And I like your header “traveling the world in search of adventures!” You’ve been to so many beautiful places already!! Longing for my chance to do the same

  3. What a place! Those floral arrangements knock me out! I’d love to be able to make those on my own. Well, maybe a smaller one. tee hee….
    This is surely a stunning place, Adri. You know how to pick ’em, girl.

    • Thank you so much!! You should the weather is always perfect here! And you should stop by at Villa Blanca 😉
      Yeah I was thinking of going back to school for my masters at’s funny you want to come to the west and I want to go to the east 🙂

  4. yay! Thanks, Adri! I’m now subscribed by email instead of just “following”. Now I can keep track better and not rely on my pea-brain!
    I’ll bet you had a fabulous time this weekend! Can’t wait to hear about it!

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed them 🙂 I love visiting the east coast! I have never been to Vermont before, it’s on my places to visit list!

      I’ve seen pictures it looks like such a beautiful place, so much nature all around! I can just imagine all of the beautiful pictures you can take there!!

    • Alyssa!!! Omg yes yes 😀 that will be our next trip! And then we can stop after and get some cupcakes and Sprinkles and then maybe a trip to the Beverly Center 😀 ❤ I miss you!! I'll text you this weekend to set the day 🙂

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