Beatrix Potter

I am sure everyone has come across these beloved children’s short stories from Beatrix Potter. I grew up reading her stories and loved seeing all of the little animals wearing clothes. My mom gave me this beautiful book of all her short stories with beautiful gold leaf paper. I loved reading it and looking at the pictures. I even tried drawing some of her characters. She has some of the most adorable drawings I have ever seen 🙂

Few Facts About Beatrix Potter:

  • She taught herself to draw and spent many hours drawing, sketching and painting her pet animals.
  • Six of the little books have been translated into Braille while many of them have been translated into French, Japanese, Dutch, Afrikaans, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Welsh, Latin, Italian and Spanish.
  • Beatrix wrote a total of 23 books. All of her books were published in miniature format, so that they’d be a suitable size for children to hold and read.
  • The World of Beatrix Potter” is a visitor attraction center in Bowness-on-Windermere, in Cumbria.
  • Many of Beatrix’s watercolors, childhood sketches, letters and photographs can be found in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Here is a link to her website to read more about this wonderful author 🙂 The World of Beatrix Potter


10 thoughts on “Beatrix Potter

  1. She is amazing… I love her. And her stories… Can you believe this I bought her books and I read and watch and sometimes I try to draw too…. But what impressed me mostly, the film about her life… Have you watched it? If you haven’t, I recomment you to watch her life… It was so beautiful, and I can never forget this lady… I am so glad to share with you the same thoughts and feelings… Thank you dear Any, have a nice weekend, with my love, nia

    • Thanks Niasunset! Her life was very fascinating! I saw her movie with Renne Zellweger I really liked it! Have a nice weekend to niasunset! I can’t wait to see more of your pictures this weekend 🙂

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