The Little Prince

I love The Little Prince! I love reading books that make you reflect. I read it in English and French and enjoyed reading both of them. Everytime I would finish a chapter, I was always looking foward to seeing the cute picture of the next chapter. I wanted to be like him growing up 🙂 Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book:

“Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

“Grown-ups like numbers. When you tell them about a new friend, they never ask questions about what really matters. They never ask: “What does his voice sound like?” “What games does he like best?” “Does he collect butterflies?”. They ask: “How old is he?” “How many brothers does he have?” “How much does he weigh?” “How much money does his father make?” Only then do they think they know him.”

“If you tell grown-ups, “I saw a beautiful red brick house, with geraniums at the windows and doves on the roof…,” they won’t be able to imagine such a house. You have to tell them, “I saw a house worth a hundred thousand francs.” Then they exclaim, “What a pretty house!”

“People have stars, but they aren’t the same. For travelers, the stars are guides. For other people, they’re nothing but tiny lights. And for still others, for scholars, they’re problems. For my businessman, they were gold. But all those stars are silent stars. You, though, you’ll have stars like nobody else.”  When you look up at the sky at night, since I’ll be living on one of them, since I’ll be laughing on one of them, for you, it’ll be as if all the stars are laughing. You’ll have stars that can laugh!” And when you’re consoled (everyone is eventually consoled), you’ll be glad you’ve known me. You’ll always be my friend. You’ll feel like laughing with me. And you’ll open your windows sometimes just for the fun of it… And your friends will be amazed to see you laughing while you’re looking up at the sky. Then you’ll tell them, ‘Yes, it’s the stars. They always make me laugh!”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry- The Little Prince


Pictures of the Week

Corals, Kingman Reef- Photograph by Brian Skerry, National Geographic

Shallow-water corals in Kingman Reef: The remoteness of the Line Islands Kingman Reef, which barely breaks the ocean’s surface, has kept it relatively unspoiled and removed from the overfishing and pollution affecting more easily reached locales. Within Kingman’s massive lagoon, water quality is exceptional, allowing reef systems to thrive.

Emerald Lake, Canada- Photograph by Michael Melford, National Geographic

Emerald Lake can be seen from the entrance of the Emerald Lake Lodge at Yoho National Park in British Columbia, Canada.  Tree-Lined Drive, Mississippi- Photograph by Sam Abell, National Geographic

Tree branches meet over a driveway lined with purple flowers in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

London and Cambridge Adventures

As I get ready to watch the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, I started going through my pictures of my last visit to London 🙂

This is the Hotel we stayed at! It was a perfect location because we were only two blocks from Trafalgar Square. I also want to add that their morning breakfast was delicious!! I woke up excited every day because I knew I was going to have their breakfast 🙂 Once you head out, if you kept walking strait you reach Buckingham Palace! You could even see the Palace from a distance.

My friends made me the tour leader because I was more familiar with the city. I told my friends that walking in London is always fun because you enjoy the scenery and don’t even realize you are walking long distances. You see all these cute little shops and walk in and end up staying for a while. All the small coffee shops and bakeries are just so tempting 🙂

Here is the address: 372 Strand, London WC2R 0JJ, United Kingdom

I highly recommend this Hotel! It has great service, a great location, and amazing food!  Here is their website: Strand Hotel


After an hour and a half of walking, we arrived to St. James Park! This park is right next to Buckigham Palace. A smaller version of Central Park 🙂

Walking to Buckingham Palace. If you get the chance, I suggest you should take the tour inside the Palace! You get to see so many royal rooms, halls, the ballroom, the queen’s dresses, and the throne room! You also get to see the stables and Queen Elizabeth’s carriage. You also get to see the carriage that took Princess Diana to St. Paul’s Cathedra for her wedding 🙂

We got so happy because the sun started to come out! London looks really beautiful with the sun 🙂 Most of the times that I have gone, it was cloudy. This was one of the first times that I saw the sun.

What is London without trying their famous Fish and Chips! They have them all over the city so you can’t miss them.

And off we went to visit Cambridge University!

We went on a boat ride to have a tour of the University! It was such a relaxing ride 🙂 we had a tour guide who was telling us all about the school.

After a couple of hours of explporing this enchanting place, it was time for some lunch! We had lunch at this restaurant called La Raza. It was authentic England! If you ever visit Cambridge, I highly recommend this place. The table is set for big groups so you can all be sharing and having a great time. Their Spanish bread was absolutely delicious! You will leave wanting more!! Here is their website in case you want to read more about it:

After a fun filled day at Cambride, it was time to head back home. We didn’t want to leave. I wish I could of gone to this University. Well then again, it’s never to late to go back for my Masters 😉 hmm..

Kermits-The Meditating Frogs

One of the first things that I do when I go to stores is go straight to their outdoor department to see what type of small animal statues they have. I like decorating my garden with all types of cute decorative things. I have rabbits, lady bugs, squirrels, and frogs! I couldn’t resist when I saw these two cute little frogs. Everytime we have guest come over they compliment my little frogs. I put theme right in the front so they can be the first thing that people see. I already had the relaxing frog and I thought he could use a friend 🙂

Happy Valentines Day Mom :)

What’s Valentine’s day without sending your mom some flowers? My mom’s flowers are blooming! They look so nice in her office 🙂 She was so surprised! I told her that I want to be the son she never had. I started being more gentlemen like you could say and practicing my chivalry. Time to plan next years Valentines, maybe bigger flowers 😉

Destination Of The Week: Montmartre

A hill that reaches a height of about 130 meters (427 feet) you can get a spectacular view of Paris and even see the Eiffel Tower from the distance.
Montmartre’s most recognizable landmark is the Basilica du Sacre- Coeur, constructed from 1876 to 1912. The white dome of this Roman Catholic basilica sits at the highest point in the city, at the summit of the “butte Montmartre” and the church is visited by millions of tourists each year. It is a good example of French Romanesque architecture. The Basilica is open 6AM until 11PM (free entry), the dome and the crypt 9AM- 5.30PM in the summer. There is a €6 charge for entry to the dome and crypt. On a clear day, climb to the tower to admire the view of Paris!
Walk around in Montmartre and you will discover gardens, steep streets and splendid Paris views.  The area is known for its nightlife with destinations such as the Moulin Rouge giving it worldwide fame. In the day, explore the little shops and as I would like to call them, their very own farmers markets. They sell all kinds of delicious French foods. They also have many souvernier shops to choose from. Montmartre is very crowded during weekends. Go there early on weekdays. Book your hotel right in Montmartre and you will best appreciate Montmartre. To get to the top of Montmartre, guests can hop aboard the funicular railroad that ascends the hill. Just walking around the district is a treat, but if you want to do some sight seeing or cultural visits, head to the Musée de Montmartre, where artist Maurice Utrillo once lived and painted, as well as the mansion behind it, which was once occupied by Renoir. You may also want to take in dinner and a show at Moulin Rouge or one of the many other nightclubs in the neighborhood. You can walk down the street Lepic (rue Lepic), with plenty of shops. You can also visit a small pub restaurant (Brasserie), which was the workplace in the movie “Amelie.”
Place du Tertre is located just a few blocks from the basilica. It is here that today’s artists set up their easels and tempt passers by with their works of art. Paintings at the Place du TertreMany will ask if they can paint your portrait, which of course would be a lovely souvenir of Paris! Monmarte was one of my favorite spots in Paris! Having visited it three times, I can honestly say that it is a very friendly fun enviroment, the people here are very nice to tourists, and the experience is amazing! Try some of their French ham it’s one of the best 🙂

Bubbles The Chimpanzee Loves Her Valentine’s Day Gift From Zoo Miami Staff

Life is like a box of chocolates or fruits and peanut butter, you never know what you are going to get. On Valentine’s Day, Bubbles a 45 year old female chimpanzee received a pink box and she was clearly enjoying the delicious, square gift from staff she received at the Zoo’s Amphitheater. The boxes were painted with hearts and stuffed with fruits and vegetables and peanut butter all part of a zoo program to stimulate animals natural behavior. Love comes in many different surprises. Happy Valentines Day! Don’t forget to smile like Bubbles 🙂

Traveling to Capri, Italy?

This hidden gem is a surreal experience! A beautiful old building at the top of the Anacapri cliffs with stunning views and excellent service. The restaurant’s food and wine selection make it so that you never need to leave the hotel. The infinity pool is unbelievable as it looks over the entire Gulf of Naples! Not in the mood to swim? Lounge pool-side with a good book, and make sure you order one of their many salads with a nice cold glass of wine. This hotel is perfect it’s private, off the beaten path, quiet, and truly an authentic Italian experience!

Hotel Caesar Augustus is a luxury hotel nestled on the cliffs of Capri and has definitely one of the most breathtaking views in the world. From almost every room and place in this spectacularly designed hotel, guests can enjoy views of the Bay of Naples. This hotel is perfect for weddings, honeymoon, family reunions and vacations. The suites and rooms of Caesar Augustus are extremely luxurious and elegant, skillfully designed to provide comfort and satisfaction to each guest. A stay in this luxurious cliffside hotel in Capri, Italy would definitely be one exceptional travel experience one traveler can have in this lifetime!


Address: Hotel Caesar Augustus, Via Giuseppe Orlandi, 4, 80071 Anacapri Naples, Italy 

Whitney Houston, A Voice Unlike Any Other

She passed away so young 😦 her voice was so powerful and beautiful. A talented and wonderful woman who shared with the world her wonderful voice. This is still shocking to me, and just one day before the Grammy’s. This is my favorite song from her and it’s probably one of her most famous. May she rest in peace and sing with the angels now..

New York, New York

I will never forget the year when I went to New York for the very first time for my 20th birthday with my family a few years back. I was so excited because I would always talk about the city and see New York in movies and now that I knew that I was going I was so thrilled! We went in November so I was very excited to wear my cute coats, scarfs, boots, and hats. I saved some room on my suitcase just in case we did a little shopping in 5th Av.

As we were boarding our plane to New York at 12:01 a.m. we see none other than Keanu Reeves sitting in first class!!!! My sister saw him first and she told me that he was on board. I didn’t beleive her at first, but then I saw him get up to put his bag on the top and that’s when I knew my birthday could not get better than this! My sister and approached him once everyone was sitting on their seat and asked if we could take a picture with him 🙂 He was very sweet and said we could each take an individual picture with him! The moment I stepped out of our taxi I was SO EXCITED to explore the city! There is so much to do and see in New York, so many places to eat, so many attractions to visit, I could stay there for days.

We went inside the Macy’s ten story department store and guess what we saw? They had the New Year’s Ball on display. They were getting ready to take it to Time Square! This trip was full of unexpected surprises!

My bread addicting was out of control! There are so many bakeries everywhere 😀

Our first night in New York we went to the Empire State Building to see the city shine at night, and boy was I blown away! You can see everything from up there; Central Park, The Chrysler Building, Battery Park, the list goes on. Here are some of my favorite shots that I captured 🙂 I love New York ❤ I hope I can live there one day!