Little Red Coat

There you are walking down the street when all of a sudden you see this gorgeous stuning red coat on the window display. You can totally see yourself wearing it and decide to go check it out. You try it on, fall in love with it and you decide to buy it. That is what exatly happened to me last year 🙂 A nice red coat goes a long way, you can wear it to work, parties or on top of the little black dress to the opera or theater. They are fashionable, eleganat and classy. They come in all types of styles; long short, differnt color of buttons, different tones of red, etc. Studies show that red is one of the most powerful, confident colors to wear.  Red is definitely an eye catching color so don’t be surprised if you get a lot of stares looking your way. You don’t even have to think hard of what to match it with as red is a neutral and goes perfectly with basic colors like black, white, tan, navy to create a classic look. So ladies, don’t forget to buy a red coat this year 🙂 and if you have one,  rock it out!





13 thoughts on “Little Red Coat

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