Oxford Street and Topshop

In the heart of central London’s busiest shopping district lies Oxford Street. It is Europe’s busiest shopping street and has approximately 300 shops. Running from Marble Arch to Tottenham Court road, it’s one and a half miles of retail heaven with every major store. Add into the mix a number of London bars and restaurants and you’ll see why Oxford Street is said to be the busiest shopping street in Europe. The street’s present name comes from the Earl of Oxford who, in the 18th century, bought up much of the surrounding land in order to develop it. This development continued until the early 20th century and resulted in the thriving shopping area we see now.

One of my favorite stores on Oxford Street that I absolutely love visiting is Topshop! My friend took me here two years ago and from the moment I walked in, I did not want to leave. It has four levels of clothes for any type of fashion style that you can imagine. They have shoe section, jewelery section, and so much more things to see and try on. I always make sure that I make stop by this store when I am in London 🙂 it’s definitely worth checking out!


8 thoughts on “Oxford Street and Topshop

  1. Topshop is definitely a shopping experience, I like the way they have a boutique section in the basement. I remember when they used to have a games sections with arcade machines and tables for the people who were dragged along on the shopping trip and waiting for those in the changing rooms.

  2. Great to know! Does Topshop have an online site? Seems like I’ve joined a Topshop.com…unless it’s different from the store you are talking about here. The photos are grand….I’d really like to shop there myself! Thanks for posting!

  3. Just booked a trip there! (London, not Top Shop.) I’ll have to check it out again. Others have told me they love it. I went one time and thought it was so great but am afraid I’m not fashion savvy enough. I’ll have to get a shopper to go with me! I stick to Zara because I’m not as daring.

  4. Oh…it looks busy allright ! I really like the first photo, thanks for sharing them. I don’t travel much, so seeing other people’s photos is my way of travelling. The red bus tour reminded me of New-York. I really hope I can go to London one day !

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