Doreen Virtue has some of the most insightful books that I have ever read. If you like reading about Angels, then you will really enjoy reading and learning more about Archangels in her book Archangels 101. She writes on how you can connect closely with Archangels and which ones to call upon for various situations. She is also the author of Healing with the Angels, and The Miracles of Archangel Michael. Her books are small, but have powerful messages and fascinating stories. Ever since I was little, I always liked hearing stories about all of the type of Angels. Growing up in a Catholic home, my family would always tell me to pray to my Guardian Angel and thank him for taking care of me. I was at Barnes and Nobles one day and passed by this aisle and I saw a little pink book that caught my eye. I started to look through it and couldn’t put it down. I bought it and read the whole book in one night. I keep it with me next to my bedside so every day before I go to bed, I pick it up and read some pages. It’s a nice book to reflect, pray, and learn more about Angels. It’s a very sweet book I think you will all enjoy it 🙂


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