New York and Daniel Radcliffe

A city unlike any other, the city of blinding lights, and my second home! Having been to New York a couple of times, I have seen the city in snow, in the fall, in the spring, and believe it or not, it felt like summer when I went in October. My recent trip to New York was in October 2011 when we spend a week touring the city, shopping, and going to a couple of Broadway shows. Here is a picture when we arrived to New York at 6:00 a.m. It was interesting to see how Times Square will get packed in just a couple of hours. This was taken on a Friday morning. It was perfect because our hotel was in Time Square so we could just walk out and be right in the middle of the city.

What surprised me was that outside our hotel, the first billboard poster that you would see from our window and as you would walk out was Daniel Radcliffe’s Broadway Musical “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” being a Harry Potter fan, this made me love New York even more. Daniel Radcliffe and his beautiful baby blue eyes greeting us every day.

I love New York buildings, they are so tall you feel so small šŸ™‚

Now I don’t know how many people have gone into Time Square’s Forever 21, but this store has 6 floors! You walk in and you keep taking escalators down. This reminded me of the H&M in London ‘s fashion district that also has a lot of levels. Every girls dream šŸ™‚

St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It was under some remodeling, but you were able to go inside. It has a Gothic style in the inside like the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Which reminds me, I have to post some of my favorite Cathedrals that I’ve been too.

Pope John Paul II came to visit the Cathedral.

UNIQLO is a new Japanese store that just opened on 5th Av. There was a line to go inside. They have a lot of jeans at a good price and a lot of sweatshirts of so many colors!

And of course the one and only Plaza Hotel! My dream is to one day stay here for a couple of days. You get a gorgeous view of Central Park if you get a room on the left side.

Balto! I remember when I was little watching this movie and they showed this statue at the end.

After walking for a couple of hours, we took a carriage ride in Central Park. It’s a great way to sit back and enjoy the views. This was our horse that took us on a splendid ride, we fed him some carrots.

The first Broadway show that we watched was Marry Poppins. It set was was designed really well. You must be exposed to some Disney magic wherever you go šŸ™‚

I will never forget this night, October 22, 2011 at 10:48 p.m. Little did I know that on this night, I was going to have an unforgettable moment. The day I talked to Daniel šŸ™‚ I had no idea I was going to have a conversation with him?! Here is what happened, we went to the show and I must say it was one of the funniest Broadway Shows that I have ever seen. The cast was incredible, the story line was hilarious, everything was perfect. Now, after the show, I knew that the actors sign autographs, and being a huge fan of Daniel, I had to get one! We saw the play in the afternoon and came back later that night and stood in line to be one of the first to get his autograph. I saw his play Equus back in November 2008, and I was not able to get his autograph that night because it was raining so the actors did not go out to give autographs, so I told myself I have to get one this time.

As we waited for the evening show to be over, I was asking my sister what should I say to him? You can’t imagine all of the things that were going through my head. I only had a few seconds to talk to him so I had to think of something short and sweet to say to him. I was standing next to this little girl and I asked her what she was going to say to him, she said she was still thinking too šŸ™‚ Here we were in the front row waiting and thinking what to say to Daniel as the crowd kept coming and getting bigger. I was very exited because I now knew that I was going to see him up close in person! After hours of waiting, the actors finally start coming out and giving autographs! šŸ˜€ My heart started beating so fast!

The moment had come!! Daniel was right in front of us! As he came closer to us I told himHi Dan my name is Adriana and I just wanted let you know that you really have nice eyes” he politely responded “Oh, thank you very much Adriana” and then I asked his the question..”CAN I TAKE A PICTURE WITH YOU” he said “Yes, Absolutely” šŸ™‚ those few seconds were the most incredible of my life! I was standing 1 inch away from him! Wow..all that time I was thinking; Oh my God, no way, this is crazy, Daniel saw me, he knows who I am, did that just happen, I have him on my camera!!!

He signed one more autograph after mine, and then he climbed into his black suburban and drove away. My sister filmed all of this! As we left the show, I kept smiling and giggling all the way back to our hotel. There was a song by Taylor Swift that came into my mind, “Enchanted.” I kept thinking to myself that even though it was for just a minute, I will always remember that special night. New York is full of surprises, you never know who you are going to meet! I carry with me so many memories from my trips to this wonderful city. I look forward to my next adventure when IĀ  return šŸ™‚

Overlooking the city from the Empire State building.


7 thoughts on “New York and Daniel Radcliffe

  1. Hi,
    The city looks fantastic, and just so much to see and do. I love the idea of going for a carriage ride through the park, what a great way to sit back and enjoy.
    The Cathedral is stunning, the architecture on the outside is amazing.
    Loved the photos.

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