Winter In The Swiss Alps

I will never forget the day I went to the Swiss Alps. The cable cars worried me a bit because I had never gone on one that went so high up. You go on several cable cars to reach the top so you get to climb out and see how high you really are, be ready! You see all of the beautiful mountains, cows, snow, the sky, everything was just magnificent. Once you reach the top they have a huge cabin where they have gift shops, restaurants and outdoor recreation spots. I went when there was snow so it was a bit chilly up there. Some people were playing in the snow and making snowmen. It is a wonderful place to visit and see the world from high above 🙂

The Alps span 125 miles,at an average altitude of 5576 ft, and cover nearly two thirds of Switzerland’s total surface area. The snow line begins at 8,200-9186 feet. There are 48 mountains which are 13,120 feet or higher and about 1,800 glaciers. The Alps provide recreation and relaxation for the urban population. Mountain railways have been constructed, as well as sports centres, hotels and vacation homes. Although the Alps span through many countries, when people think of them, they most often think of the Swiss Alps because of their beauty and magnificance. The Swiss Alps are also known for their beautiful valleys, jagged peaks, and even the mountain towns that sit in the foothills. The most jagged peak which rises high into the sky, known as Matterhorn is also located in the Swiss Alps!


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