Destination of the Week: The Atomium

One place that I highly recommend everyone must visit one day is The Atomium in Brussels. I have been here three and to me it gets taller and taller 😉 I studied atoms in chemistry class and to see a huge replica of one that you can actually go inside is pretty awesome!  

The Atomium is a monument in Brussels built in 1958 Brussels and designed by Andre Waterkeyn. It stands 335 ft tall. It has nine steel spheres connected so that the whole forms the shape of a unit cell of an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times. Tubes connect the spheres along the 12 edges of the cube and all eight vertices to the center. They enclose escalators connect the spheres containing exhibit halls and other public spaces. The top sphere provides a panoramic view of Brussels. Each sphere is 18 meters in diameter. Escalators connect the spheres, most of which contain science exhibits. An elevator leads to an observation gallery and restaurant in the topmost atom. The Atomium is on the Boulevard du Centenaire in Heysel, on the northwestern edge of Brussels. The easiest way to reach it is by Metro, the Heysel (Heizel) station is on line 1A. And after visiting the Atomium, why not stop by for some Belgium waffles? They have them all over the city 🙂


3 thoughts on “Destination of the Week: The Atomium

  1. Hi,
    Wow, that is an incredible structure, it’s so very different than anything else that I have seen. I love it.
    I could just imagine going to the restaurant there and looking out at that fantastic view

    • It is! The first time I saw it I couldn’t believe my eyes. When you are inside you feel so small inside this huge atom! The elevator goes up really fast too. The architecture and everything is beyond imaginable. I hope you get a chance to visit it one day 🙂

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