Time for Ties

I’ve been recently into ties. These one of a kind accessory shows a classy, sophisticated and phenomenal look. Women who chose to wear ties makes them look more confident, trendy, and creates a strong fashion statement. In my view, ties express to others that you are a strong and independent women who is in control of her life. There are many people who do not feel that the tie is an appropriate accessory for women, despite the trend toward tie-wearing in fashion magazines and on the runway. I say GO FOR IT! If you can work it, then by all means wear them. Just remember, feminizing the tie! This means that you are taking a men’s style and making it all your own. In other words, you don’t want it to look like you’re just trying to dress like a man. Once you learn how to make an outfit with a tie look both sexy and feminine, wearing a tie can be the ultimate fashion statement. Also, you should try to wear it skinny. When it comes to women wearing ties, skinny is flattering and feminine.So far I have bought two ties and I can’t stop wearing them! I think it is time to buy a couple more 🙂

Here are a couple of pictures that I found that may inspire you to try out the look:



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