Teapots and Yellow Flowers

I keep adding new things to my room, my theme is a pastel/Europe vibe. I am also trying to go for a Jane Austin/ English countryside cottage theme. Two of my walls are light yellow and the other two are light green. I have a huge painting of Paris, France right in front of me. Everyday when I wake up, I see Paris! I feel like I have some type of a connection with this beautiful city. I have been to Paris five times, and some of those times were unplanned visits. I feel that there is something that I have to see there that I still haven’t seen. I am pretty sure I will be returning soon, I will keep you updated 🙂 Back to my room,  it is very pretty in the morning because when the sun shines in, my room looks so bright and vibrant!

I have recently fallen in love teapots! I found this really cute small one and I knew I did not want it for tea, but instead, I wanted to put some flowers 🙂 and with yellow being my favorite color, I knew I had to get some yellow flowers! I went to Michael’s today and was in search for the perfect flowers for my white tea pot. It took me a while to finally decide which one I wanted, they had such a gorgeous display of so many flowers if time was on my side I would stay there forever. I came home and rushed to my room to see how my new tea pot would look like. I put my little white tea pot on my desk so when I work and study I can always look at it and see how cute it is 🙂 I was thinking that I wanted to paint it add some little flower designs. Maybe yellow flowers 😉 


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