I am so excited because I finally got my first violin!! Here is a picture, it was made in Romania. I told myself that I would learn an instrument this year and I have always loved the violin so I thought I would give it a shot. I love watching and hearing symphony orchestras especially the violin solos! Last month, I went with my family to the Walt Disney Concert Hall and it was just spectacular! I start my first class next Saturday 🙂 I am thrilled and looking forward to it! Does anyone know how to play? I hope I am a quick learner 🙂


6 thoughts on “Vivaldi?

  1. Yeah!! Violin!!! it’s a great instrument!!! Mathilde’s sister plays violin!!! I’d love to play violin, but i think it’s pretty hard! for my part I plays piano!! 🙂 I have juste finished to lear how to play “someone like you”by Adele and it’s quite good! 😉 good luck for your fisrt class! 😀

    • Thanks Damien! I can’t wait to start, I hope it’s not hard it only has four strings I’ve been playing with is it seems easy 🙂 I want to learn the piano too! Nice! Did you learn how to play the song by yourself? I think I do remember Mathilde telling me her sister plays the violin, she loved Vivaldi!

  2. I picked up the violin when I was a junior in high school and loved every minute of it. I took private lessons from a woman who used to teach elementary students, so it was a very fun way to learn. She gave me stickers! I hope you enjoy!

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