When in Washington D.C

During my last week in Washington DC, I decided to take a walk around the city and explore it on my own. I was happy that I was able to experience both the cold and hot weather. I saw Washington covered in snow, and blossom with the cherry blossoms. I went sight seeing and brought my camera because I knew I was going to stand and see places that I wanted to remember. The city has so many beautiful sights!

I have never stood so close- it really has beautiful architecture.

I found a really beautiful small park right across Union Station.

As I take a break and eat my lunch, I decided to sit in front of the U.S Capital and enjoy the view. It was a really nice relaxing spot, very quiet and peaceful.

This was one of our cherry blossom trees outside my dorm room. They only bloom once a year around March. Every year, Washington DC hosts its annual cherry blossom festival!

The Jefferson Memorial never looked so beautiful during spring!

I was glad I was able to get a shot of the Washington memorial as I was on my little paddle boat! 

Arlington Cemetery. When you visit, make sure to go see John F Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy’s grave. To stand in front of history is truly an honor.

It is nice to see a little part of home. It reminded me that home was not that far away.

Here is a picture during the snow that I took before I took the other pictures. Snow or sun, the city is radiant!

This was one of my favorite shots! If you walk out of the Newseam, you get a really great view of the U.S Capital. A very nice memory that I will always remember. Everyone should one day vist this beautiful and historical city! Ridding the metro and stopping at each stop was one of my favorite things to do. You find so many interesting places!


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