A Planet Unlike Any Other

It is unfortunate that we sometimes take for granted our beautiful planet. Since majority of the people live in cities and towns, we do not get to admire and appreciate it’s true beauty. It seems that only in television, books, internet and movies can one visualize how our planet looks like. These are just some of the thousands of beautiful places that most people do not know exist. If only we could just step outside of our house and have these spectacular views right in front of our eyes..

These photographers who have taken these pictures are so fortunate to have seen such beautiful panoramic scenes. We should be thankful that they are able to share with the world what they saw in that moment and capture the essence and beauty of these wonderful places.

Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

Normandy Beaches, France

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Zambia, Africa

Geiranger Fjord, Norway

Mediterranean Sea, Spain

Lesson in life: When given the opportunity, travel as much as you can!


10 thoughts on “A Planet Unlike Any Other

  1. Stunning! I was in Dingle this summer and loved it. Such a great area. Not only do we often take nature for granted, but we often treat it poorly. So sad. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos!

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