The House That Started It All

Ever since I watched the film Father of the Bride back in 1994, I completely became mesmerized with white houses. The way they were decorated from the inside to the flowers in the garden. This was my dream home! A beautiful white fence in the front, a nice garden filled with beautiful flowers, it was perfect. The interior of the house was amazing, everything was so well put together, very clean, and elegant. I would also imagine how beautiful a nice house like this would look during Christmas with its Christmas lights and wreaths!

The baby room I must say was one of the most beautiful nurseries I had ever seen. I love the pastel colors, and you can never go wrong with yellow! When I have a baby, I want the nursery to look just like this 🙂

As a kid, I would dream of how I wanted my room to look like if I lived in this house. I loved cottage theme rooms so I imagined it would look something like this:

I would watch this movie over and over and play with my dollhouse at the same time. The story line was also very sweet, a father looking back at all of the memories he made with his daughter growing up in that house. I have never seen a movie where they would focus so much on a house, I loved every minute of it! This movie is, and and will always be, one of my favorite movies. I just want to thank this movie for making me discover the beauty of interior design 🙂


4 thoughts on “The House That Started It All

    • Thank you so much!! That means a lot 🙂 I’ve actually gone to see the house from the outside it’s not that far from where I live. I love your blog I’m going to try some of your recipes!

  1. I have been mesmerized with that house ever since I first saw Father of the Bride. Definitely me dream home as well. Great post!

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