Holiday Under the Sun

The ocean is crystal clear like a shinny new glass, the weather is warm as honey. What is there not to like about this place? The Bahamas is an amazing vacation destination to just relax and enjoy yourself while you spend time with your friends, and family. Once I arrived, I did not want to leave! I took a trip here for my 21st birthday with my family and I can definitely say that it was one of the best weeks of my life! There is just so much to do here you will never get bored. You can swim with the seals and dolphins, go on a cruise around the island, scuba dive, jet ski, the list goes on.

If you do stay at the Atlantis Resort, be sure to sign up to swim the dolphins and seals, and ride the huge water slide that passes thru a shark tank! And no matter what room that you stay at, the view you will get in your balcony is breathtaking.

(This photo I got online)

(A view from the hotel room, left side)


War Horse

Steven Spielberg did it again! War Horse is such a brilliant and extraordinary film. Bring a tissue because you will tear up in some scenes, but don’t worry, it has a happy ending which is the best part! I mean who doesn’t like a happy ending? Especially a movie about animals and war. By watching this film, you will also learn a lot about what people had to go through during World War I. It is hard to believe what those people lived during that difficult and terrifying time. There were some parts that make you want to jump into the movie and help the people. To create a film that gives the audience that type of emotion is a powerful message. Jeremy Irvine delivered a wonderful performance in the film! The way he connected with Joey (the horse) was a fascinating thing to see. You can definitely see it on screen as well as the other actors who developed a bond with Joey. The actors, Joey, the music, the scenes, the message of the story, you will not regret watching this film!

Jeremy training Joey 🙂


When in Washington D.C

During my last week in Washington DC, I decided to take a walk around the city and explore it on my own. I was happy that I was able to experience both the cold and hot weather. I saw Washington covered in snow, and blossom with the cherry blossoms. I went sight seeing and brought my camera because I knew I was going to stand and see places that I wanted to remember. The city has so many beautiful sights!

I have never stood so close- it really has beautiful architecture.

I found a really beautiful small park right across Union Station.

As I take a break and eat my lunch, I decided to sit in front of the U.S Capital and enjoy the view. It was a really nice relaxing spot, very quiet and peaceful.

This was one of our cherry blossom trees outside my dorm room. They only bloom once a year around March. Every year, Washington DC hosts its annual cherry blossom festival!

The Jefferson Memorial never looked so beautiful during spring!

I was glad I was able to get a shot of the Washington memorial as I was on my little paddle boat! 

Arlington Cemetery. When you visit, make sure to go see John F Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy’s grave. To stand in front of history is truly an honor.

It is nice to see a little part of home. It reminded me that home was not that far away.

Here is a picture during the snow that I took before I took the other pictures. Snow or sun, the city is radiant!

This was one of my favorite shots! If you walk out of the Newseam, you get a really great view of the U.S Capital. A very nice memory that I will always remember. Everyone should one day vist this beautiful and historical city! Ridding the metro and stopping at each stop was one of my favorite things to do. You find so many interesting places!


  “We plan our lives according to a dream that came to us in our chidlhood, and we find that life  alters our plans. And yet, at the end from a rare height, we also see that our dream was our fate. It’s just that destiny had other ideas as to how we would get there. Destiny plans a different route, or turns the dream around, as if it were a riddle, and fulfills the dream in ways we couldn’t have expected.”

A Planet Unlike Any Other

It is unfortunate that we sometimes take for granted our beautiful planet. Since majority of the people live in cities and towns, we do not get to admire and appreciate it’s true beauty. It seems that only in television, books, internet and movies can one visualize how our planet looks like. These are just some of the thousands of beautiful places that most people do not know exist. If only we could just step outside of our house and have these spectacular views right in front of our eyes..

These photographers who have taken these pictures are so fortunate to have seen such beautiful panoramic scenes. We should be thankful that they are able to share with the world what they saw in that moment and capture the essence and beauty of these wonderful places.

Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

Normandy Beaches, France

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Zambia, Africa

Geiranger Fjord, Norway

Mediterranean Sea, Spain

Lesson in life: When given the opportunity, travel as much as you can!

The House That Started It All

Ever since I watched the film Father of the Bride back in 1994, I completely became mesmerized with white houses. The way they were decorated from the inside to the flowers in the garden. This was my dream home! A beautiful white fence in the front, a nice garden filled with beautiful flowers, it was perfect. The interior of the house was amazing, everything was so well put together, very clean, and elegant. I would also imagine how beautiful a nice house like this would look during Christmas with its Christmas lights and wreaths!

The baby room I must say was one of the most beautiful nurseries I had ever seen. I love the pastel colors, and you can never go wrong with yellow! When I have a baby, I want the nursery to look just like this 🙂

As a kid, I would dream of how I wanted my room to look like if I lived in this house. I loved cottage theme rooms so I imagined it would look something like this:

I would watch this movie over and over and play with my dollhouse at the same time. The story line was also very sweet, a father looking back at all of the memories he made with his daughter growing up in that house. I have never seen a movie where they would focus so much on a house, I loved every minute of it! This movie is, and and will always be, one of my favorite movies. I just want to thank this movie for making me discover the beauty of interior design 🙂